Ang’s March ’19 Reads and QOTMs


I finally finished John Wesley’s journal on my Kindle. It took me awhile. I’m in a stage where I don’t want to “abandon” books, so I waded through. I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t recommend it as a light and airy read – it took me awhile to get used to the archaic language.

I cracked up at one Goodreads user’s one-star review: “John Wesley goes about on a horse.” Hah! I guess that’s one way to boil it down into a sentence. Wesley certainly put some miles behind him as he traveled. He also went through some pretty insane life experiences: people wreaking havoc/causing insane distractions/hurling him with rocks as he preached… storms at sea… his rocky friendship with George Whitefield… “losing” his first love… finally marrying a not-very-nice lady (although he never degraded her in his journal)… falling off horses… dealing with all kinds of weather issues on his journeys…

I teared up as his journal entries reached the end and his body started to fade. What an amazingly full life Wesley lived – spent for the Lord. His desire was to see Methodist “societies” established around the country. He felt it important for the Word to really take root in people’s lives. I’d be interested to read a biography soon.

Some favorite quotes (more like giant passages this time) from my March readings below!

I preached on “God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son” (1 John 5:11). I believe God applied it to many hearts. Were it only for this hour, I am glad I came to Holland. ¹

(Reflecting on his 81st year of life) We can only say “The Lord reigneth!” While we live, let us live to Him! ¹

Even now, though I find pain daily in my eye, or temple, or arm; yet it is never violent and seldom lasts many minutes at a time. Whether or not this is sent to give me warning that I am shortly to quit this tabernacle, I do not know; but be it one way or the other, I have only to say,

My remnant of days
I spend to His praise
Who died the whole world to redeem;
Be they many or few,
My days are His due
And they are all devoted to Him! ¹

I stood at the window of my room… waiting for Big Ben to tell that the War was over. My mind strayed back across the scarring years to the scene and emotions of the night at the Admirality when I listened to these same chimes in order to give the signal of war against Germany to our Fleets…. And now all was over! The unarmed and untrained island nation… had faced unquestioningly the strongest manifestation of military power in human record, had completed its task…. ²

Why is war to have all the splendours, all the nobleness, all the courage and loyalty? Why should peace have nothing but the squabbles and the selfishness and the pettiness of daily life? Why if men and women, all classes, all parties, are able to work together for five years like a mighty machine to produce destruction, can they not work together for another five years to produce abundance? ²

And this is progress, this is liberty. This is Utopia! What a monstrous absurdity and perversion of the truth it is to represent the communistic theory as a form of progress, when, at every step and at every stage, it is simply marching back into the dark ages. ²

You’ve got to think about the “big things” while you’re doing the small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction. – Alvin Toffler ³

Another thing an intentional person has to learn is how to say no. For me, that has been really difficult. I never met an opportunity I didn’t like, so my natural desire is to say yes to everything. And you can’t accomplish much without focus. ³

Specialize in your specialty. When you have a solid understanding of your strengths, you will be able to focus. Your goal should be to spend 80 percent of your time and effort on what brings high return to you and your team. ³

¹ The Journal of John Wesley
² Churchill: The Power of Words, edited by Martin Gilbert
³ The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player, John Maxwell

October 2017 in Pictures

A Special Birthday

For lots of kids, birthdays feel different than all the other days of the year. They’re special. Noah’s 7th birthday was no exception. On August 24th, he woke up early, excited for the day and the upcoming celebrations. We sent him off to school like normal with hugs and promises of cake and presents that evening.

When Noah rushed through the door after school, his face was beaming. He had two balloons in hand and a backpack full of goodies. Surprised, I asked him who had brought him all the fun treats. He excitedly pulled the gifts out of his bookbag and explained in great detail each item that his friends had given him.


“Mom! Check this out! Weison gave me this colorful hacky sack! And he brought me those two balloons! One is green and one is orange! And look! Seba gave me a new coloring book. It has all these pictures I can color. Oh, and Berwee brought me all these things, see? I got a plastic baby car rattle, a turtle compass, and a whole army set!”

“Wow, buddy! That is so neat! I hope you told them how thankful you were for those sweet gestures. They probably worked hard to get those things for you. What good friends you have!”

Later, I was talking with Noah’s teacher, Emma. She said that his friends used their good behavior “points” they earn to “buy” those presents from the school store. As sweet as that was, she was especially touched by Weison’s gift of the two balloons. He had bought them at his village colmado the day before, specifically with Noah in mind. Weison had to put some thought into the gift – what a neat thing to see one of our students planning ahead to put someone else first!

Weison, Noah, Sebastian, Berwee

I am thankful for the unique influence that Noah has in the lives of his classmates. He already communicates with them in a way I certainly can’t. Oh, how I pray these four young men grow up to love the Lord with all they have. Such special boys!

May and June 2017 in Pictures

Our summer in pictures! Click on the photos to see a few snapshots of our furlough and the start to our new school year!

Keep praying!

March and April 2017 in Pictures

Click the images below to check out some of the happenings of the last two months!

January 2017 in Pictures

Another year has begun! Click on the images to check out some highlights from our first month of 2017.

November and December 2016 in Pictures

Another end to another year! How I pray that the Lord was glorified. I hope that our family looks to Him for strength and joy as 2017 begins.

Our students visited the zoo this year for their field trip!
Checking out the flamingos
Our team enjoyed another Thanksgiving together as a group
Thanksgiving getaway! A great time of fellowship for the weekend.
We’ve been trying to battle a serious mold problem! Gross!
We finally took our new desks and cabinets apart and painted all the areas where the pressed wood was exposed. Yeah, it’s humid here.
Miss Rachel and Miss Emma planned a 100th Day of School party for their kindergarten cuties
Silly Jesús with his 100 Days crown
We had fun putting our tree up a little earlier than usual this year!
Caleigh tested out our new LED lights for us
Scott confirmed that he was NOT pregnant. He battled some scary abdominal pain for a few days!
We thought for a moment that we may have had a case of appendicitis! Caleigh helped take care of Dad while he was on the mend.
God is so good. Katie brought us dinner one evening while Scott was sick!
Parent-teacher conferences in the villages!
One of our families in  Cabeza de Toro made a Christmas tree out of green pop bottles!
Our two-night Christmas program was a success!
Noah helped his teacher Miss Mery pass out papers to the parents one evening at the program
Our Freedom team! So thankful for these people!
Staff Christmas party fun!
A church back home sweetly sent our family an entire suitcase of goodies for Christmas!
So blessed!
We loved spending some time with Memaw and Pepaw over Christmas!
Piñones cuties!

October 2016 in Pictures

Another full month in the DR! Highlights: Day camp for 2nd/3rd grade and more construction progress!

Third grade circling up for an afternoon of fun at their first-ever day camp!
The kids enjoyed a group game where they introduced themselves with animal noises/silly actions.
Guys and girls competed to see who could carry their volunteers the fastest across the human bridge!
Enmanuel playing a game with his small group
Marcia posing for the camera
Fabiola coloring a picture after listening to the lesson
We love these two! Thankful Rachel is back in the DR as a full-time missionary, and thankful that Katherine has been doing much better behaviorally in school recently!
Three little goobers
We’re reaching the 3rd story!
Lots of floor pours this month!
Caleigh continues to keep us on our toes! We had a little milk mishap one afternoon.
We got in the Christmas spirit a little early when Dad found a couple of Christmas cookie box sets on super sale at the store!
The Pyle girls joined us for the making of some melty snowmen!
Rachel has been settling back in to Kindergarten! The kiddos have been learning lots!
Patricia showing off her writing notebook
Just answering some emails with Dad

September 2016 in Pictures

Three more months, and 2016 will be history. It’s funny how days seem long, yet the months and years just fly. At the close of each day, I fall into bed so very exhausted. But, the Lord! He’s so faithful and constant and near. As difficult and full as each day is, I’m thankful for His presence and strength. You can pray that our family would keep our eyes solely on our Jesus as we make our way through each day.

Enjoy some pictures of this past month in the DR!

This section of the school building has reached 3 stories! Scaffolding gone – looks pretty impressive!
More footers and subwalls for new classrooms. God’s provision!
Scott continues with music class!
Noah loves that his dad gets to spend a little part of the day with him. Enjoying class with Sebastian.
Leyton and Cristofer are buddies!
Our Accelerate! program continues – Desiree helping her students read through Spanish syllables.
Two shipping containers arrived with more tools and supplies to continue the ministry!
Airport run! We decided to take the back route through the bateyes. When we were unsure of where to turn, we just asked people along the way if we were headed in the right direction! Who needs maps?!
This little one-year-old is developing quite the personality.
During our down week, we were able to work on some house projects. Thanks to Gabe for helping make loft beds for the boys!
Leyton continues growing. Trying to take advantage of Tuesday and Thursday mornings with this big man.
Someone forgot to close the bathroom door one afternoon. We heard splashing and found Caleigh enjoying a new place to play! Bathtime ensued (immediately after the picture). Always an adventure…

July and August 2016 in Pictures

Tick-tock! Time marches on – our babies are growing, our ministry is changing, our students are maturing. There’s nothing we can do but take advantage of each moment. Here are some pictures of life in the DR from the last two months!

Digging out the footers for new schoolrooms
Such hard work!


Heather talking with Estaylin after a trip to the office. He recently chose to accept Christ! This little boy’s life is changing!

Smiles from Meroli as she enjoys spending time with short-term team members
Some of our littles took some time to get accustomed to school. Cuddles with Elle!
Summer teams built the walls of these two new classrooms
Noah working at his technology center in 1st grade

Noah says Jose Miguel is his best friend at school

July was Caleigh’s 10 month

One of the MK’s favorite pastimes is toad-hunting

It’s neat to see Mery as she grows as a teacher. We co-taught our first years in kindergarten.

This little girl loves getting into everything

My little laundry helper

Our newest good behavior incentive – a book giveaway!

We’re loving Anna Luisa’s smile as she picks her book to take home

Caleigh loves to play peek-a-boo

Smiley girl!

Noah leading his class in the Spanish alphabet

Sebastian and Noah

August was Caleigh’s 11th month

First-third graders are beginning music class with Mr. Scott

Carla is learning about musical instruments and their families – she made her own “maraca” out of paper plates and rice!
Fernancia and her classmates continue learning and growing!