Another week of progress

This morning we said goodbye to the biggest team we’ve ever hosted here on the ground! We enjoyed doing life with 33 high schoolers and their chaperones this past week. Their days were full of leading VBS programs in Batey Piñones and Batey Cabeza de Toro, working on the land, and teaching small groups in the classrooms. Last night, the team members shared their thoughts on their time here and talked about what God’s been teaching them. The Freedom team is praying that this week wouldn’t just be a parenthesis in their lives but that they would use their time and experiences here to gain a bigger picture of the Lord.

Not only were the high school students impacted by their experience, but our students also benefited greatly. The individualized attention was huge. Sonia is so close to reading. Anllelo and Nicol and Alejandro didn’t get left in the dust – they had people by their side who desired to keep them focused and learning. Javier has been having a rough couple of weeks, but he responded positively to some guys on the team.

Overall, this week was another step toward seeing some serious change in the lives of our kiddos. Excited for the continued progress!

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Not yet.

Relationships deepen as time goes on. Marieli’s mother has been opening up a bit more each day. She’s recently taken to sharing her morning coffee with me – what a sweet gesture. One day before school, a Christian radio station was playing throughout her little green house. I took the opportunity to ask if she was a believer – she gave me the “no, not yet” response that is typical of this culture, but that she enjoys listening to what the preachers have to say. She asks about my babies almost every morning. She loves her little Marieli fiercely – you can see it in her eyes.

Pray for this lady. Another soul not yet aware of her great need for a Savior.

Pray for me. I want to take advantage of every opportunity I have with her. I want to be wise yet bold – I want to show patience and love yet speak the truth. More than anything, I want her to make the greatest decision she could possibly make this side of heaven – to befriend Jesus and live her life for Him.