October ’20 in Pictures

This year has simultaneously felt like the longest and the shortest year ever. With this “pause” to my “normal”, it’s as if I’ve been experiencing a strange alternate reality where everything is in slow-mo. On the other hand, November is upon us. What?!

While circumstances are offbeat, God continues to faithfully care for us and our students. Check out our October by looking back at these 31 pictures!

I’ve been pondering much on the fact that we’ve only got so many days on this earth. Oh, how I want to “make the most of every opportunity.” I pray I can always maintain a sense of urgency when sharing the wonderful, sweet Good News with those around me!

February ’20 in Pictures

One sixth of the way through 2020! Here’s a small peek into our February!

Thanks for continuing to pray for us! See ya in a month!

March in Pictures

Here’s a look back at March in pictures.

A chilly morning truck ride to Lima for school*

Harvest season has been in full swing for several months now. Carts line up at the weigh stations in the morning, waiting to unload their sugar cane.*

My college roommate came down for a week!

Kindergarten learned about outer space and made name rockets.

Lots of visitors this month. Scott even came out for a day of fun!

We wrote letters back to a class in the States who sent down some Christmas goodies for our room.

Our love for reading is growing!

Stacy brought a super cute mosaic craft for the kids.

Recess fun – Estefani and company

The class hasn’t stopped asking for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom since Brett’s glorious rendition of the book.

The students continue praying each day. Edward’s sweet smile never goes away, even with his eyes closed!

The kids are beginning to control their bodies – an accomplishment that will never be seen on a report card, but it’s such a huge deal!

“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” with Katie and Anllelo

Beautiful, giggling girls from 3 different bateyes.*

My two cuties enjoying a Sunday afternoon at home. *
And last but not least… my two cuties enjoying a Sunday afternoon at home. And yes, one is pantless.*

Beautiful reminders of God’s faithfulness and blessings.

*Photo credit: Rachel Roberts

Independence Day – Dominican style

Thursday we celebrated Independence Day here in the Dominican Republic. Mery (my Dominican co-teacher) planned the activities for the kindergarten class. She’s getting ever closer to having her own group of kids next year.


The highlight of the day was the parade through Batey Lima. The kids were adorable in their little campesino and padres de la patria costumes. Several parents came out to watch as we marched through the streets of the village. It was fun learning a little more about this nation’s history and culture.

Chrislin – PK3

Vickiana – PK3

Albel, Alfredo, Javier – K

Rosa, Bergica, Sonia – K

Getting ready for the march

Pre-school cuteness

Mery and her costumed kindergartners