A Different Christmas

Christmas was a little quieter this year. No big family gatherings. No giant spreads of food. No expensive gifts under the tree. It was a different kind of Christmas.

We battled with loneliness more this year than last. Thankfully, we were able to Skype with our parents and give a few virtual hugs. We loved our Christmas Eve visit from the Simos family with their scrumptious cookie delivery. (The cookies didn’t last more than 24 hours – oops.) We also spent some fun nights playing games with the Clines.

We didn’t have our typical turkey-and-potatoes Christmas dinner, but we did enjoy a yummy breakfast casserole for Christmas brunch. (New tradition in the making?)

The boys had a ton of fun opening up their little presents. Funny how the 75-cent bouncy balls and small cups of Playdough were their favorite gifts. They haven’t quit playing with them since Wednesday.

Overall, we loved the slower pace of the week – the time to breathe, love on our boys, and reflect on Christ’s great love for us.

The boys hanging with Dad by the tree
iPad fun
Noah's new favorite job: dishes duty
Noah’s new favorite job: dishes duty
Leyton loved “rearranging” the tree lights and ornaments
The remains of the delicious Simos Christmas cookies
A Christmas nap
The boys “stocking” gifts of fruit snacks, M&M’s and goldfish crackers.
Breakfast casserole
The bouncy balls were a hit.
The boys and their bouncy balls
A Merry Mitchener Christmas
A Merry Mitchener Christmas