March in Pictures

Here’s a look back at March in pictures.

A chilly morning truck ride to Lima for school*
Harvest season has been in full swing for several months now. Carts line up at the weigh stations in the morning, waiting to unload their sugar cane.*
My college roommate came down for a week!
Kindergarten learned about outer space and made name rockets.
Lots of visitors this month. Scott even came out for a day of fun!
We wrote letters back to a class in the States who sent down some Christmas goodies for our room.
Our love for reading is growing!
Stacy brought a super cute mosaic craft for the kids.
Recess fun – Estefani and company
The class hasn’t stopped asking for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom since Brett’s glorious rendition of the book.
The students continue praying each day. Edward’s sweet smile never goes away, even with his eyes closed!
The kids are beginning to control their bodies – an accomplishment that will never be seen on a report card, but it’s such a huge deal!
“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” with Katie and Anllelo
Beautiful, giggling girls from 3 different bateyes.*
My two cuties enjoying a Sunday afternoon at home. *
And last but not least… my two cuties enjoying a Sunday afternoon at home. And yes, one is pantless.*

Beautiful reminders of God’s faithfulness and blessings.

*Photo credit: Rachel Roberts

Edward and a Proud “Momma”

Teaching kindergarten feels like being a part of one great big family.

There have been frustrating moments. My kids don’t always want to listen. Sometimes they complain and cry. They are hard to please – they want routine, but they want variety within that routine. It’s been a huge learning experience for all of us as we do life together.

There have been some “momma-bear” moments with these kindergartners, too. If I see older children in the bateyes bothering or making fun of our students, it makes me so angry inside! I’m surprised by the protective feeling that comes with being a teacher to these little ones.

There have also been some proud moments where I’ve watched these students take huge steps in learning. Even today, I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face as Achuchu repeated Luke 2:11 word for word in English (OK, so maybe there was one little hiccup, but my momma-pride demanded that I brush over that little blunder and gave him a sticker anyways.)

Another little guy who has recently caught my eye and stolen my heart is Edward.

Edward is the newest little ball of cuteness to join our “family”. When he started school with us this year, he was dreadfully behind the rest of the kids. However, he’s catching up at lightning speed! He is actually one of the best at enunciating and repeating in both Spanish and English. Kurt has been helping him recognize and correctly form the letters in his name. At the beginning of the year, Edward had no idea how to trace letters in his writing notebook. Now he needs little help in copying the letters across the page. This kid has some serious potential. His charming smile and delightful little laugh put me in a good mood every time he’s around. You could say that I’m one proud “momma”!