And so it begins…

Welcome to our brand spanking new blog! Our goal is to provide you with yet another way to stay connected with us.  You’re likely to hear about our crazy experiences, struggles, answered prayers, and other sundry thoughts as we continue toward moving to and working in the Dominican Republic.

While this definitely is not the beginning of our “journey,” many of you may just be joining up with us.  So here’s a quick update of where we’re at right now:

Ang is almost 32 weeks pregnant.  She and baby Noah are both doing well besides the occasional swelling of the feet and emotional breakdowns that seem to come with pregnancy.  (If you’re looking for a good laugh and you haven’t heard the infamous “Arby’s sauce” story, you may want to ask.)

We’re both still working (Scott at Liberty and Ang at Spirit FM). While picking up trash and answering phones are not our ultimate goals in life, we’ve both been learning how to glorify God where we’re at right now.

We’ve been attending church at Crosspoint for the past year.  We really love our “family” there and are so thankful for the way God has blessed us with opportunities to serve Him in and outside the church.  Scott is working with the worship team, and Angela is helping in a small group for teen girls.

We’re also “hosting” a student from Venezuela who is going through the English Learning Institute at LU.  We’re helping him understand different aspects of American culture and the English language, and he’s helping us learn a little Spanish along the way.

Finally, we’re doing our best to raise support so we can get to the Dominican.  It’s been a bit frustrating not being able to focus on this aspect full-time, but that may change soon.  We’re praying about one of us possibly quitting work so we can get out and meet with people more frequently.  A lot of big decisions are coming up within the next couple months regarding finances, jobs and our living situation – we’ll gladly take any and all prayers you can offer up for us!

That “quick” update didn’t end up being so quick, but anyway, that’s where we’re at.

Make sure to check out all our links – the other missionaries are keeping up with their own blogs as well.

Until next time…

Scott and Angela

2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Mr Washburn

    just letting ya know that I am praying for you glad to hear that Ang and the baby are doing good I guess Scott is doing good also !!

  2. amanda meadows

    im glad to hear about whats going on…im praying for you all…i have heard the arbys sauce story and it is in fact the funniest thing i have ever heard..also the story about the car broke is funny too……im praying for you all everyday and i miss you like crazy….cant wait til September to meet noah 🙂 i love you and miss you hope to hear more soon

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