God Provides

So one of my all-time favorite stories is that of George Muller, the evangelist who started an orphanage in England with barely two quarters to rub together.  I’ve been thinking a lot about Muller’s story today… I mean, there were times when he literally had no food on the table to feed his orphans, but he simply believed that God would provide.  Not once did Muller ask anyone else for money, and not one time did those children go without food over the years!  How amazing that someone could have that kind of faith to trust God in every single facet of life.

There’s a reason that story has been on my mind so much recently. Over these past few weeks, I have been reminded just how much God’s hand of provision has been on Scott and I with all of the major changes that have been taking place for us.

First big change – we have a lovely little addition to our family!  Noah Allen decided to grace us with his presence two weeks early on August 24th.  The last few weeks of the pregnancy were a little rough for me. My doctor was pretty sure I had preeclampsia.  I never thought I would say that my excessive swelling, headaches, and high blood pressure were God’s provision for me and Noah during my pregnancy. But come to find out, Noah had a huge knot in his umbilical cord.  We don’t know how long it was there, but there is a possibility he could have been born with serious birth defects or worse had he not been delivered early.  It was because of my preeclampsia that the doctors decided to take him before my due date.  And I’m so glad they did!

Second, Scott and I felt that it would be best for me to quit working because of Noah and because we really need to buckle down on support-raising.  This decision has made things quite a bit tighter financially, but it’s amazing to me how God has provided in this area, too.  So far we have lacked for nothing.  For example, a friend from church came to Scott one day and said that God had laid it on his heart to share some money with us.  Little did our friend know that we had some unexpected bills because of the baby.  That gift took so much stress and worry off of me.  But that’s not all.  We have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and support from our friends and family.  Since Noah’s birth, our church small group has provided amazing meals for us the past few weeks.  I have been given even more reasons to praise God for His faithfulness and provision.

And yet… even with all that God has done for us, there have still been days I’ve let myself worry over the uncertainty of the future.  In order to get to the Dominican by our new target date of July 2011, we have to raise 10% of our support each month.  On top of that, I’ve been dealing with the challenges of being a new mom.  But when I really stop to think about it, I don’t know why I stress myself out.  (I mean, didn’t I just write about surrendering all this stuff to God in my last blog entry?!)  In the words of George Muller, “If the Lord fails me at this time, it will be the first time.”

I MUST remember.  God provides.  I am His.  He is mine.  He has never let me down before.  So now it’s time for me to go consider the lilies.

To learn strong faith is to endure great trials.  I have learned my faith by standing firm amid severe testings.       – George Muller

2 thoughts on “God Provides

  1. Amanda Meadows

    angela i just love reading your blog…god does provide…i am praying for you and scott and noah…i love you guys and if you ever need anything just message me on facebook and remember i am just a phone call away…. love you

  2. Holly

    Yes, Consider the lilies! And I listen to your mama’s music – His Eye is On the Sparrow and I Keep Holding On To Jesus over and over when I need to be reminded that Jesus never fails. You really CAN trust Him. I’m enjoying your blog.

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