Happy New Year

Hey everyone and happy New Year! We are totally stoked about the upcoming year. In fact, just in case you didn’t know, we plan on moving to another country before the next ball drops. We have been watching God provide up until this point and we can’t wait to see how He continues to work to move us to the Dominican. After making a short trip to Ohio and Indiana for Christmas, we’re back in Virginia and focusing on finishing raising our monthly support. It’s cool for us to be at the point where nothing is keeping us here. Not having to sell a house or anything else gives us the feeling that we could be leaving at any moment. I think that helps us prepare better.

Noah is doing quite well. He’s beginning to move around a lot more in his crib and certainly is developing a bit of a feisty personality. He also likes to make a lot of noise. Of course, he spends his days with his mother every Monday through Friday, so I guess that makes some sense.  🙂

Anyway, we hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. We’ll continue to give updates as we go. For now, I’m going to go make a milkshake.

See ya,


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