The Nitty Gritty Details

Last week was a busy one for us – we spent most of the week in Ohio.  A friend from college contacted us about presenting the ministry at his two churches.  That email alone was encouraging.  We haven’t had much success “cold” contacting churches because most places already have their missionaries and ministries set up that they give to.  Meeting the sweet people in these two congregations was a big blessing, and we had a great time sharing our hearts and catching up with college friends.

Pastor Caleb and his wife Cindy

Afterwards, we drove on down to Columbus and stayed with Ang’s parents.  There we spent a good portion of two days in state buildings getting official copies of our marriage license and Angela’s birth certificate.  Then we visited other state buildings to get our certificates stamped a second time, proving that the first official stamp was actually… official.  (Confused yet?)  Although it was a bit frustrating to spend that much time and money (over $50 for a couple of official stamps), it felt good to check another task off the “to do” list.  Now we’re waiting on Leyton’s passport and Noah’s “officialized” birth certificate from Virginia to come in the mail.

While we were in Columbus, we also made the plans to sell our little green car that we’ve had for the first three years of our marriage.  A couple months back, the transmission finally decided to die on us, so we’re borrowing my parents’ car until we move to DR.

Saying goodbye to the Mazda

Noah decided to get his first ever flu bug during the week, so he spent some extra time with his thumb and blankie the last few days.  He was quite the trooper though, and he still found time to terrorize Grandpa’s kitty cats and go for a wagon ride.  We’re thankful he’s been a pretty healthy dude over the past 18 months.

Noah calling Grammy

Well, those are the nitty gritty details of last week.  Praying for more monthly supporters this week.  Can’t wait to make The Big Move!

– Scott

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