Oh, Albel.

At the beginning of the school year, the mention of this kindergartner’s name brought some mild feelings of frustration rolling my direction. For me, Albel was not an easy kid to love. I didn’t feel like I had a “connection” with this lanky, big-eyed boy. He wouldn’t respond positively to me, and that bothered me. It didn’t help that he was always picking on other kids or disrespecting visitors in the classroom. I often found him getting under my skin as he talked over me during our whole group teaching times.

I can’t pinpoint any certain day or momentous event where things changed.  The pace has been much more gradual with Albel. But slowly – ever so slowly – we’re seeing tiny glimpses of transformation in this little man’s behavior and in his desire for academic success. He listens more quickly when we correct him. He frequents the time-out corner less. He’s taken some serious pride in his writing notebook. Now he’s one of the first to finish copying his letters each day. While nothing will truly be changed for Albel until he’s walking with the Lord, outward signs of growth are being seen by the Freedom team.

You know, God’s been doing something in my own life as well. I’ve recently been reminded of a simple yet profound truth. God created Albel in His image. He is valued and loved. Whether or not I ever personally see Albel change, I have the opportunity to guide and direct him in my class this year. Whether or not I ever find that “connection” with Albel, I can do my part to help this boy understand how important he is in the Lord’s eyes and that He sent His own Son to rescue Albel’s little soul.

Albel the Wiseman – Christmas 2013
Alfredo and Albel – Independence Day Parade – February 2014
March 2014

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