September 2016 in Pictures

Three more months, and 2016 will be history. It’s funny how days seem long, yet the months and years just fly. At the close of each day, I fall into bed so very exhausted. But, the Lord! He’s so faithful and constant and near. As difficult and full as each day is, I’m thankful for His presence and strength. You can pray that our family would keep our eyes solely on our Jesus as we make our way through each day.

Enjoy some pictures of this past month in the DR!

This section of the school building has reached 3 stories! Scaffolding gone – looks pretty impressive!
More footers and subwalls for new classrooms. God’s provision!
Scott continues with music class!
Noah loves that his dad gets to spend a little part of the day with him. Enjoying class with Sebastian.
Leyton and Cristofer are buddies!
Our Accelerate! program continues – Desiree helping her students read through Spanish syllables.
Two shipping containers arrived with more tools and supplies to continue the ministry!
Airport run! We decided to take the back route through the bateyes. When we were unsure of where to turn, we just asked people along the way if we were headed in the right direction! Who needs maps?!
This little one-year-old is developing quite the personality.
During our down week, we were able to work on some house projects. Thanks to Gabe for helping make loft beds for the boys!
Leyton continues growing. Trying to take advantage of Tuesday and Thursday mornings with this big man.
Someone forgot to close the bathroom door one afternoon. We heard splashing and found Caleigh enjoying a new place to play! Bathtime ensued (immediately after the picture). Always an adventure…

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