“Though it linger, wait for it…”

Rome wasn’t built in a day. A watched pot never boils. We must learn to walk before we can run.

These well-known sayings hint at something – a virtue that we’d all say we aspire to have. And yet, the practical outworking of this character trait in our lives is definitely “easier said than done.”

I have two sons. One of my boys is working on developing some patience in his life. He has recently grown to love sports – particularly the Purdue Boilermakers. (Sorry, Dad. I tried my hardest to make him a Buckeye.) Any chance he gets to watch a basketball game, his face lights up. He has memorized players’ names and positions, and he loves cheering his team on to victory. Yet because of the busy schedule our family runs, there are times that we tell him that he’s got to wait to catch a recording of a game.

I tell ya – the moments we ask our son to be patient… they can be a bit trying for all of us in the Mitchener household. You see, my son wants instant gratification. He wants to experience the game as soon as possible. And the questions that ensue during these little seasons of waiting are… welll… incessant.

“Dad, when? When exactly can we turn on the game? Mom, are you going to watch with us? Can my friends come over? Are you finished with your work yet? It feels like it’s taking forever! Will we ever be able to start? What snacks can we have while we watch? Are you sure you can’t skip that meeting? I just don’t want to wait anymore!”

As a mother, I do my best to put myself in my son’s shoes – to understand that he is genuinely excited to share a fun experience with his friends and family. But after his third question, I’m sure that my son can often sense my own patience wearing thin. I wish that he would really hear me: we will indeed get to find out what happened in the basketball game. It’s simply a matter of waiting.

But waiting is so very hard, isn’t it?

In my own life, I’m noticing how I’ve recently been acting like my precious boy. Right now, I’m experiencing some situations that are downright painful, and I don’t know what the future holds. I’m confused and scared about the timing of things – of when and how exactly God is going to move. While I have been taking my concerns to the Lord, I think that I’ve been approaching my problems a bit like my son has been processing through his desire to watch his games.

“Father, when? When exactly are you going to answer my prayers? Are you even listening? Do you want to work in this circumstance? It feels like You’re taking forever. Are you going to come through? To be honest, Lord, I just don’t want to wait anymore!”

I believe that God is pleased when I take my burdens to Him. And yet, I also think that there are moments where He’s trying to talk to me, to comfort me, to teach me, but His gentle attempts of assurance are drowned out by my whining and impatient cries for help.

I recently started a devotional study by Dannah Gresh called Habakkuk: Remembering God’s Faithfulness when He Seems Silent. It has been an incredible reminder that I am not alone. Others have wrestled with these same feelings. With not having answers quickly.

Habakkuk was struggling. God didn’t seem to be dealing with the injustice and evil in his corner of the world. So Habakkuk opened up his book by crying out to the Lord. And God, in His patience and grace, answered His prophet:

For the revelation waits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.

Habbakkuk 2:3

This wonderful verse tucked away in this tiny Old Testament book has been my lifeline these past few weeks – a precious reminder to my restless heart.

God gently reminded Habakkuk that He was, indeed, in control. He had a plan that would be brought to fruition at the perfect moment.

It was just a matter of waiting.

Two More Weeks?!

Two more weeks until this first quarter of the new school year is over. *Gasp* I feel like it’s been one big dream.

The last couple of months have honestly been a bit of a struggle for me. It’s been difficult to find a connection with several of these sweeties. I want them to love learning and to have fun discovering new things about their world and their Creator as they walk through this year. It’s hard to stomach the fact that they don’t always enjoy being with me. I know building relationships takes time and that each class is different. I’m learning to let the Lord be my strength. I just want Him to fill me with His love and patience in each moment.

Here are (most of) my Kinderkids this year. Even though there may be some tough cookies in this crowd, they are adorable!


1000 Miles (And 3 Supporters) Closer

What a weekend.  We’re home again after a long trip to Virginia. Over the last 4 days, we drove about 22 hours and racked up 1000 miles.  Thankfully that just means we’re 1000 miles closer to moving to the DR.

Noah and Leyton had fun hanging out with some families who are currently supporting us and who were gracious enough to host us.




Want to hear another reason we’re closer to making The Big Move?  We gained several new supporters over the weekend!  It is unbelievable how God continues to bring us the people and funds we need to continue on this journey.  None of this is by accident.  And none of this is from our efforts.  Again and again, God has shown us that His timing and His will are perfect.  This experience hasn’t always been easy or pleasant.  But we want for nothing.  And we praise Him for everything.

Next step – buying those one-way plane tickets!  Still praying for a May leave date.

Eleven More Weeks

So we’re inching ever closer to The Big Move.  Over the past few days, three new couples have committed to support us monthly!  What an absolute blessing to have people invested in us and in what God’s doing in the Dominican.

A month or so ago, I came across this little gem while I was reading.  Luke 8:1-3 states,

After this, Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. The Twelve were with him, and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out; Joanna the wife of Chuza, the manager of Herod’s household; Susanna; and many others. These women were helping to support them out of their own means.

How cool is that?  While Jesus and the disciples focused on their teaching, they were cared for by these women who followed them from city to city.  These men were provided for because some people saw a very real need and were obedient to do their part.  So in an odd sort of way, the women mentioned here were the first “monthly supporters” ever.  Out of their own means, they sacrificially gave (of their time, money, etc.) so that the gospel could be given to others.  (Kind of like our supporters do for us.)  And I think that’s pretty awesome.

Can it be that we’re only 11(ish) weeks away from making The Big Move?  It’s becoming more of a reality daily. All because of our Savior’s faithfulness and because of your continued prayers and financial support.

Pray for us – we’re speaking at church here in Indiana tomorrow morning.  And we’re working on all the time-consuming parts of this process – like getting Leyton’s passport, extra birth certificates, shot records, and so on.  Exciting stuff!

2012… The Year of the Big Move

The holidays are over.  We absolutely loved every minute we were able to spend with our friends and family over the past month, but I am so thankful to be home.  Traveling pregnant (and sick at times) was a little taxing, yet I made it.  God’s abundant faithfulness and blessings were simply overflowing throughout 2011.  A year ago, we were living in our “cozy” little one-bedroom apartment in Virginia with a 5-month old wondering what exactly our future held for us.  Now we’re in Indiana preparing for the arrival of Baby Boy #2 next month.  Two  kids under 18 months will be a challenge, I’m sure, but we’re ready to get to know our new little guy before we make The Big Move (as I’m now calling it) to the Dominican Republic.

Speaking of The Big Move, let’s get to the good stuff!  As of last week, we are at 59% of our budgeted support to move to the Dominican!  That’s basically a 10% jump in three weeks. Pretty awesome, right?  I’ve said it before, but this “support raising” chapter of our lives has been quite the roller coaster emotionally.  Right now, Scott and I are so excited to be moving in a forward direction.  In fact, we have tentatively set a date (month) for The Big Move!  As God continues to provide, we’re aiming to be on Dominican soil in May.  A lot of preparation has already gone into this decision, and we still have much to accomplish to reach this goal.  But it feels encouraging to be making more defined plans.  Besides finishing up raising support, we’ll be starting on plans/paperwork for our living arrangements, Spanish study, residency, and so much more.

For those of you mathematically inclined, here are some really cool and really important numbers for our family:
5 – The number of weeks before our second baby makes his debut
4 – The number of months before The Big Move
40 –  The number of $50/month supporters we still need to reach 100% support (That would break down to 10 new supporters each month from now until May.)

Thank you – to the new members of our support team, and to those who have been faithfully praying and giving since the start.  You all are helping make God’s call on our lives a reality.  I am still learning the lesson of trusting God completely in every aspect of life.  We’re looking forward to sharing more good news with you in the coming months!