Two More Weeks?!

Two more weeks until this first quarter of the new school year is over. *Gasp* I feel like it’s been one big dream.

The last couple of months have honestly been a bit of a struggle for me. It’s been difficult to find a connection with several of these sweeties. I want them to love learning and to have fun discovering new things about their world and their Creator as they walk through this year. It’s hard to stomach the fact that they don’t always enjoy being with me. I know building relationships takes time and that each class is different. I’m learning to let the Lord be my strength. I just want Him to fill me with His love and patience in each moment.

Here are (most of) my Kinderkids this year. Even though there may be some tough cookies in this crowd, they are adorable!


2 thoughts on “Two More Weeks?!

  1. Dawn Balsiger

    You are an amazing teacher! After 25 years of teaching, I can tell you each class is unique and not always what you anticipate. God gives you the strength to do His will and knows what you can handle. You have been in my prayers since we left the Dominican! I will send you the little jingles soon that I do in my class. We had training this week, so I feel like I am already back in school. I would love the one jingle that you do with
    a face on your finger. May God grant you the strength and stamina you need for each day and each child in your class!
    Love in Christ,
    Dawn Balsiger

    1. Dawn, thanks for the encouragement and prayers! I hate the feeling of inadequacy that comes with this for me. I know there are lots of reasons for it – my personality, my lack of experience, this particular group of kids… Just praying the Lord can still work in and through me for His glory no matter the circumstances.

      Excited to see those little jingles! I was talking to Nick last night about how it would be cool to come visit your class while we’re back on furlough! Hope to keep in touch.

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