Some Things Never Change

Maybe it’s because it’s springtime, but I see a lot of change going on everywhere.  Most obviously, the weather is changing.  I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I seem to be in a significantly better mood when the days turn warmer and longer.

Scott and I are working on packing up our lives in the next 4 days.  Last night, we made our big master “to do” list of all the loose ends that need tied up before we leave.  (And we’re still looking for two $25/month partners to get us to our 30% goal!)  I’m a little nervous about our big drive with kid and belongings in tow, but I’m sure everything will work out.  This particular change is definitely bittersweet for us as we leave friends but excitedly move on with this calling that God has given to us.

Other changes are taking place too.  This is apparently the season for all of my friends to have babies!  🙂  I know at least four girls who are (supposed to be) giving birth this week!  When I stop to think about it, the miracle/growth process of babies is so completely amazing.  It’s hard for me not to give God praise when I see a new little life has entered the world.

This week, there have been some sad changes in my little corner of the world as well.  I recently found out that three students from my high school (who were on their missions trip to Costa Rica) drowned as a riptide pulled them out into the ocean while they were swimming.  Unbelievable.  Talk about some serious change.  The other students in that class (and the families even more so) are going to be coping with this horrible tragedy for quite some time.  In my humanness, how do I not question everything about this situation?  I shake my head and think to myself, “These were good kids!  They were on a trip serving their Jesus!  Their entire lives were ahead of them.”  It’s just really hard to wrap my mind around it.

I often hear people use the phrase, “Some things never change.”  When I say those words, it’s usually in a sarcastic or negative way.  For example, I may use the phrase (in reference to my husband’s ridiculous competitive streak) when Scott hurts himself doing something stupid in a football game.   Or I might say those words (in reference to my forgetfulness) when I can’t figure out where I put my keys.  But there is one instance when I can say “Some things never change” with a smile on my face.  And that’s in regard to my Jesus.

There are a lot of changes in life which are exhilarating.  Other changes can shake us to the very core.  When I’m overwhelmed with the way God has blessed me, I can look to my changeless Father in heaven and thank Him for His provision.  And when I don’t know how I’m going to make it one more step, I can reach out to that same unchanging Savior and lean on Him for strength and peace to go on.

Circumstances change daily.  But not my Jesus.  His love and truth and holiness and justice and grace and mercy and comfort are not void because something didn’t go the way I thought it should.  I am constantly being drawn to the fact that this life is not about me but about how I can glorify Him in and through every single change, good or bad, that comes my way.

I the Lord do not change….  – Malachi 3:6

More than anything else in the world, I’m thankful that my precious Jesus never changes.

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