“Home” Sweet “Home”

Whew.  (I literally just sighed.)  Scott and I are finally “home” from all our travels across the country.  (It still feels strange to call Anderson home since we really haven’t been here much in the last month, and because we plan on moving yet again as soon as support comes in.)  The past few weeks have been busy – weddings, moving, graduation parties, shopping, etc.  I do not want to know how many miles we put on our little green Mazda.  (I hope the strange noise it has started making isn’t anything too serious.)

Our Indiana Home

God continues to provide.  We are currently at 33% pledged support.  We love our new little house – well, it’s new to us anyway.  (Noah in particular is fond of all the space he has to crawl around.)  We are enjoying being near family as well.  Pray with us in the coming weeks that we would be bold in presenting the ministry to people and that we would continue to trust that God’s plan and timing are perfect.  Looking forward to June!

Noah "helping" Mom unpack
Noah and Dad taking a break from moving

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