Update – The “Scott” Version

Hey everybody,

There are some exciting things happening and so I just wanted to jot a few of them down.  This could potentially be considered “information overload” – if you get our newsletter there might be a little overlap, but hopefully you will be able to handle it.  So without further ado… the update.

Things are going well for us in Indiana.  Since returning from the Dominican, we’ve had seven new people join our sending team which has been really cool and encouraging.  We’ve been traveling alot too, meeting with new people and catching up with others.  We also found out that we’re going to be having another boy in February (by the way, for those of you who didn’t know, Ang is pregnant)!  We’re excited about being a family of four in the Dominican.  At 13 months, Noah is close to walking (he took a couple of steps yesterday), but I think he’s too lazy or stubborn to do it on his own just yet.  He wants to hold our hands and make our lower backs sore while we trot him around everywhere.  🙂

Noah's First Birthday












On the other side (the Dominican that is), there are also amazing things going on.  We have completed the 10-week “VBS” that we did in two villages over the summer.  It was neat to hear about the kids who came to Christ, as well as the three Dominican young people that traveled with our team from village to village that we believe will actually start their own “VBS” in a different village in the late fall.  It was an awesome opportunity to begin the discipleship process with them and the future looks exciting.  Finally, Freedom International has been looking for land in the Dominican over the past few months and we found a 15-acre plot of land available!  From what I understand, it even has a bunch of lemon and mango trees which we will be able to use right away for the people in the village.  Feel free to check it out.  The Hilgemans leave the DR today for the States, and we’re going to be having a banquet on October 11th to begin raising the funds for this land. If you could be in prayer over the next week about the banquet, that would be awesome.

Teaching in week two of VBS
Francis (left) recently accepted Christ!
Potential location for school

Anyway, I hope I didn’t lose you in all of that.  We hope that you are doing well and that you’re able to enjoy the fall weather.  That’s it for now.  Catch you later!

Scott, Ang, Noah, and Unnamed Male Baby Mitchener-

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