(October and) November Happenings

Since moving back to Indiana, Scott and I have been attending Scott’s home church here in Anderson.  It has been amazing for me to get acquainted with his family friends and for us as a couple to meet new people.  Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to share with the church congregation about our journey and calling to the Dominican Republic and how we’ve gotten where we are today.  While I hope that God was able to use our little story to speak to others, our sharing actually helped me to reflect again on God’s faithfulness to our family as we continue in this waiting period.

We have crossed the 40% threshold in the support-raising process!  (Now, just 50% more to go before we can buy the one-way plane tickets to the Dominican.)  It’s easy for me to focus on the snail’s pace this part of life is taking.  I get frustrated and anxious and impatient when I look at our timeline of moving to the DR by late spring/early summer of this coming year.  Thankfully, we’ve got people praying and supporting and encouraging us along each step of the way – if we didn’t, I don’t know how I would keep pressing on.  But most importantly, I’m thankful for my ever-faithful Father who has provided the people and finances and other extra blessings so far.  We would absolutely love to make it to the 50% level by December (don’t forget – one of our current supporters will double their financial monthly gift if we reach that goal), but we know that God, in His time, will supply our needs.

Looking forward to the day we can update you all from the ground!


On another note, it looks like October came and went without any sort of blog post from us!  We’ve been one busy family.  But I thought I’d include a few pictures of some of the “family stuff” we’ve been able to squeeze in between meetings this past month.

Reading books, stacking blocks, and walking have been among Noah’s favorite activities lately.  We’ve really been enjoying him as he learns new things to say and do almost daily.

Pumpkin carving was a new experience for the Noah-man as well!  He didn’t seem to care for the stickiness and seeds inside the pumpkin, but he was very curious about it all nonetheless.

We took Noah on his first trick-or-treat adventure this year (although last year he dressed up as a very cute little peapod).  He seemed to enjoy walking around the neighborhood more than taking candy from strangers.  But when it came to eating the goodies, he definitely had no problems.

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