Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy left us a couple of presents today – a power outage and an almost flooded house.  Instead of completing the 50-million-bajillion tasks we were hoping to accomplish, Scott (and Kurt and Jason and Josh) spent the afternoon getting all of our furniture, electric wires, and whatnot off the floors.

Talk about a close call.  We were up to our shins in water in the carport and had centimeters to spare before water entered the house.  I took the boys over to the Hilgeman’s fourth floor apartment while the guys sawed up some boards to put in our doorways.  And then it stopped raining.  A little anti-climactic after all the hard work, but thankful that nothing crazy happened!  We spent the rest of the day mopping and cleaning and reorganizing the house.

Our carport and “front yard” underwater
End of our street
San Pedro after Hurricane Sandy’s rain

Noah doesn’t have a room to sleep in since his ceiling is leaking.  Seriously leaking.  We have no hot water and no washer/dryer since our breaker box exploded last night – half of the rooms don’t have electricity.  The growing pile of laundry, the giant stack of dishes, and the haphazardly-placed furniture in the middle of the floor will probably just have to stay until tomorrow.

In spite of the crazy day, we’re blessed.  Neighbors across the street were bailing water out of their house all day.  I’m so very thankful for my beautiful family and helpful missionary friends and kind neighbors.

Until the next “adventure”!

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

    1. Thanks for the prayers! I know that sounds like a mess (and it is), but we’re actually in a pretty good place emotionally (at least this time). Just really, really tired. It was funny – Scott and I would go back and forth. When I would start to get discouraged, he’d pull me back, and when he’d get frustrated, I’d remind him that we were “all good”. I think we’ve got one more day of serious cleaning, and we’ll be somewhat back to normal. We miss you!

  1. Brenda Rowland

    I will lift you all in my prayers tonight for better weather &safety thru this mess “Sandy” is leaving. You guys continue to inspire me. God bless you all, as you minister to others &spread the gospel of Christ.

  2. Jordana

    To God be the glory in how He took care of you throughout this whole thing. Centimeters…wow that’s close. Plus He knew that Scott just needed a workout lifting all that furniture. 🙂 Love you guys and miss you all!

    1. Haha, Jo – yes, Scott definitely got his workout in moving everything multiple times. It was crazy just watching the water rise and knowing we just had to wait and see what would happen. Scott told me that a very small pool of water actually made it into the house through the carport door (not the front door by the porch). Some day, you should bring Christopher down here and come hang out with us – I’m sure we’ll have some sort of an adventure!

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