Sorry for the hiatus. We’ve been in the States for a short furlough. We’re enjoying our time sharing what God is doing in the Dominican, but we picked 2 crazy weeks to come back – the cold and snow have been a bit of a shock to our systems. Leyton does not enjoy putting on his coat to go outside, and his teeth start chattering after just seconds in the freezing weather.

Pray for us. We have several more meetings before flying back to the DR on February 11th. We’re looking for more people (particularly school-year interns) who are interested in being a part of God’s vision for the DR. It’s been amazing to watch Him provide in His perfect timing. The adventure continues!


6 thoughts on “Furlough

  1. Katherine

    Or maybe you picked the perfect time to come back. I’m sure this cold weather is causing lots of people to consider if perhaps God is calling them to the DR 😉 Hope you’re staying warm! Praying for you!

    1. Thanks, Derek! It’s so neat to look back and see how the Lord has orchestrated everything – from personal supporters to prayer partners to short-term teams to interns to long-term missionaries. Keep those prayers coming!

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