Say Cheese!

Something is missing in kindergarten – teeth! First, there was Yafreydi. (Katie wrote about the lost tooth experience here.) In January, Scarlette and Yorjeni joined the ranks of the toothless. When I came back from furlough, I noticed Beba’s big gap! The gummy grins are tiny signs that our kiddos are outwardly growing and changing. So thankful to be a part of their lives, missing teeth and all!


4 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. amyekelly

    Hi Angela,

    I found your blog through Emma Carsey’s. I was Erin’s roommate at Cedarville for 3 years (love that girl!) I’m not sure if I ever got to meet you, and I think I only met Scott once. I was just reading through a few of your posts and you had me in tears! Between talking to one of my best friends who is a full time missionary in Haiti and your posts, I have spent the last few minutes lifting you both up and praying for deep encouragement. You have laid your “yes” before Him and it is a BEAUTIFUL thing. We can take joy in knowing that each trial, each misstep, each long, hard day is part of this incredible journey that He has asked us to join. He leads, we follow. Just wanted to let you know that and that I’ll keep praying for you guys and keeping tabs on your blog. I teach K too (in Dayton, OH) so our worlds share that similarity:)


  2. Amy, now I’m the one almost in tears! Your comment could not have come at a more perfect time. Life has been exceptionally discouraging and stressful recently, and today was a particularly difficult day. It’s so important to me to know people are lifting us up in prayer! I love that we have the common bond of being in Christ even from across many miles. Hearing that people are putting us before the Father is the biggest encouragement ever. (Are you the Amy that’s doing the Bible reading with Emma, too?)

    And Erin actually just left today! She and Ryan came down for a week. Love that girl too! 🙂

    (Do you have a blog?)

    1. I knew they were coming down but wasn’t sure when! So fun! And yes, I am, except for that I became a TOTAL slacker somewhere in January (life got crazy) and so now I’m not keeping up with it. But, I’m not guilting myself for it…I’m doing other things. One day I WILL meet that goal! It may just be read through the Bible in 5 years instead of one:) And yes I do, although I don’t post on it as frequently as I would like. It is:
      I also have another one that is just for Scripture memory-Beth Moore does a Scripture memory thing every other year and this is her “off” year so I made a blog to keep tabs on that and have had a few friends join in. That one is: 🙂

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